Dobrée Museum

( art / directing / exhibition / motion design )

Location : Musée Dobrée
Nantes - France
Date : 2021-2024 (exposition permanente)
Job : Production, réalisation, animation, design, intégration, sound design

Chargement de la galerie

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25 audiovisual and interactive devices for the new permanent exhibition of the museum.
Filming, archive images, motion design, interactive devices, immersive devices, print illustrations

Directed by Léna Nicollet, Tristan Kebci, Pascal Goblot
Artistic direction : Mathilde Aubier

Nantes city’s emblematic collectors museum, the Dobrée Museum reopens its doors after two decades of work. Its reopening is a museographic event. The permanent exhibitions are being reinvented to offer a unique and lively experience to all audiences.

At the heart of this new course, the audiovisual devices produced by Escalenta constitute the foundation of the mediation. Like the museum’s collections, our work addresses a myriad of themes, from prehistory to the 19th century, including enamel techniques or the history of the Duchy of Brittany, and many more. They always combine scientific requirements with a strong aesthetic to give life to the collections of the Dobrée Museum.

Sometimes highly educational and interactive, sometimes contemplative and captivating, Escalenta’s audiovisuals punctuate the visitors’ journey. They have been conceived to be easy to use and to understand, placing the user at the center of their design. The accessibility of the tour and the devices is a strong point of focus, so that everyone can understand, without distinction between handicaps or languages.

Escalenta is also responsible, under the artistic direction of Mathilde Aubier, for the audiovisual and print aesthetics of the museum. We oversee the production of decorative and informative illustrations that complement the mediation devices in the rooms. Mathilde Aubier’s collage aesthetic unifies the visitor’s museographic journey, from room panels to audiovisual devices.

Produced in association with Narrative, Mosquito and Manuel Cam.
Illustrations : Charlène Letenneur and Violette Bénilan
Animation : Tristan Kebci, Alexandre Lam
Cinematography : Jean-Sebastian Seguin
Production : Léna Nicollet
Production in progress – opening January 2024