who are we ?

Created in 2012, Escalenta produces and directs innovative movies and audiovisual installations. In all its creations, Escalenta converges documentary rigor with an aesthetic research and contemporary graphic design.

Escalenta already directed more than 100 films in motion designs, immersive installations and devices, some of which for exhibitions like Robots, Froid, Terra Data, Pasteur, Mutations Urbaines, Mapping Knowledge, Darwin l’original, Chiens et chats, Jeu vidéo, l’expo, Krach Boum Mue, Habiter Demain… at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Palais de la découverte, Mons Mundaneum…

Since its creations, the company aimed at innovative productions in motion design, immersive installations, real/animated images compositing, sound design, animated datavisualization and documentary, with a strong specialization in the production of short formats, and science and art themed subjects.

In 2014, Escalenta has partnered with the company Manuel Cam.

Escalenta is a member of PXN, digital experiences producers.