Sapiens or the birth of art

( art / directing / shooting )

Location : International

Date : Janvier 2023
Job : Réalisation, tournage

Chargement de la galerie

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Documentary – 70 minutes

France Télévision – 2022

A Escalenta – Zadig Productions – France Télévisions coproduction

With the participation of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle and the CNRS

And the support of Procirep

Masterpieces of Sapiens : a prehistory of art is an ambitious 70 minutes documentary directed by Pascal Goblot. The movie accompanies the Musée de l’Homme (Paris) exhibition on the same subject, in november 2022.

We dive in an investigation into the origins of Art, amongst the first modern humans. The prehistoric works, of an incredible richness and diversity, tell a story of beauty and the species. Researchers, including archeologists, art historians, philosophers and contemporary artists, enrich our vision of prehistoric art from their viewpoints, different but complementary, on the subject.

Produced by Céline Nusse & Mélanie Gerin

Directing : Pascal Goblot

Assistant director : Léna Nicollet

Picture : Jean-Sebastian Seguin

Editing : Catherine Zins

Sound design : Thierry Bertomeu