The Dancing Carousel

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Chargement de la galerie

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
Immersive installation for exhibition – duration: 20 min.

A powerful vector of communication and expression, dance helps us discover our bodies, create social bonds and explore space. At the heart of the exhibition Danser à la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, the Manège à danser is an immersive, festive installation that draws young and old – aged 4 and over – into a collective, joyful, creative and spontaneous dance experience.

Le Manège à danser plunges us into the history of ballroom dancing, from the washerwomen’s wank to 70s disco and the musette waltz. Amateur dancers lead the way, projected 360° into space, and invite visitors to join in. Spectacular watercolor backdrops evoke in turn a Renaissance ballroom, a 19th-century guinguette on the banks of the Marne, and a wildly atmospheric discotheque.

An Escalenta – Nova Pista co-production.

Production: Clio Gavagni (Nova Pista)
Graphic design: Violette Bénilan
Production: Léna Nicollet
Animation: Tristan Kebci assisted by Laureen Chouland and Chérine El Fathi
Mixing: Thierry Bertomeu (Nova Pista)
Sound design: Florian Seraul (Tiny Music Studio)
Choreography: Virginie Quineaux

Exhibition from July 2, 2024
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