( directing / exhibition )

Location : Musée de l'Homme
Paris - France
Date : March 2021 - Permanent exhibition
Job : Directing, shooting

Chargement de la galerie

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The paleolithic Venus figurines
Duration : 5 minutes

Since the most ancient human figurine known, the Hohe Fels, dated more than 35 000 years, the sculptures of female bodies occupy a major spot in the prehistoric art along the rock art. They punctuate the history of paleolithic’s culture. We call them the paleolithic Venus figurines.

We will probably never know what were their function, but it seems like something emerges after all : through a multitude of incarnations and different models, the female body transformed, during the prehistoric times, in a support for an aesthetic production that is elaborate and sophisticated.

In other terms, the human body became form.

Thanks to the Immodest Venus and the Lespugue Venus, both visible at the Musée de l’Homme, the film shows this transformation.