Thus life

( before 2012 / catalogue film )

Location : TLSP
Date : 2010-2012 (before Escalenta)
Job : technical, artistic and human ressources

Chargement de la galerie

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documentary by Pascal Goblot

duration : 57 min.

Coproduction Le Miroir, Groupe Galactica, Canal Maritime, TLSP. With the support of the CNC, PROCIREP- ANGOA.

DVD available on demand.

The meetings with Henri Atlan were published by Bayard editions: La Philosophie dans l’éprouvette, conversation avec Pascal Goblot.

Henri Atlan is a pioneer of theories on complexity and auto-organization of the living. Biologist, doctor, philosopher, reader of Spinoza and Talmud, his works and his reflexion lent him a singular place in contemporary thinking, at the crossroad of science, philosophy and ethics.

He is an unclassifiable thinker, free and always surprising.

The film takes us in his life and thoughts, from Paris to Jerusalem, through the Hague, in the footsteps of Spinoza.

It is a journey through ideas, knowledge and places, from a question, a simple question : “What is life ?”.