Maison Poincaré

( art / directing / exhibition / motion design / shooting )

Location : Maison Poincaré
Paris - France
Date : 2022 - ouverture en 2023 (exposition permanente)
Job : Production, réalisation, animation

Chargement de la galerie

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8 films for the permanent tour of the museum
Shooting, archive images, motion design – Accessible devices

Directed by Léna Nicollet, Tristan Kebci, Pascal Goblot
With illustrations by Lise Herzog and the voice of Anne Morin

The Poincaré Institute, a prestigious research institute in Mathematics affiliated with the CNRS, turns to the public: in 2023, the Maison Poincaré will open 900m2 of exhibition spaces dedicated to Mathematics and their presence in our daily lives. Designed as a real place for meetings and exchanges, the Maison Poincaré wants to be open to all audiences, from researchers in mathematics to the most reluctant to fractions.

To help everyone (re)discover math, the Maison Poincaré relies on a powerful and accessible audiovisual tour. At the heart of this new course, the devices produced by Escalenta constitute the foundation of the mediation.

Four highly educational films, carried by a playful tone and a rhythmic animation, aim to combine popularization, scientific rigor and entertainment. From a credit card to a bicycle wheel: math is hidden everywhere in our daily lives. Mathematics are intended to be innovative, rooted in reality, and full of surprises.

Four more contemplative films unfold in the course. They reveal the beauty, the aesthetics behind mathematical phenomena thanks to composite devices, integrating rotated images, graphic dressing, archive editing and animation.

All our films have been developed to be easy to use and understand, placing the user at the center of their design. The accessibility of the course and the films is the subject of particular attention, as to speak to all, without distinction of handicap or language.

Illustrations: Lise Herzog
Animator: Tristan Kebci
Cinematographer: Jean-Sebastian Seguin
Producer: Jean-Sebastian Seguin, Lena Nicollet
Opening in 2023