( art / before 2012 )

Location : worldwide

Date : 2006-2012 (before Escalenta)
Job : conception & directing

Chargement de la galerie

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videos by Pascal Goblot

12 x 3 min.

Acquisition by the Fonds d’Art Contemporain of Seine Saint Denis.

Everywhere in the world, the same repetitive pattern turns indefinitely on itself, in the circular movement of its metallic stairs. Deja vu, bugs, worrying strangeness… something is not well with space-time.

Escalator I explores in Tokyo the traps of a reality going in circles. In New York, Escalator II shows a derailing world, that does not work anymore. Escalator III happens in London. And there, what is there to see ? Search the error ?

In London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Marseille… a series of surmachinalists videos articulated around un recurrent pattern going in circles indefinitely.