( directing / exhibition / motion design )

Location : Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Paris - France
Date : september 2020 - permanent exhibition
Job :

Chargement de la galerie

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Immersive narration experience
Duration : 9 minutes

With the voice of Virginie Ledoyen.

Directed and scenographed by Pascal Goblot.

For centuries, the western world considered nature as a simple ressources container, which had to be dominated and used. Elsewhere, numerous human societies have other links to animals, plants and elements…

In a dark room, in the center of which sits a pillar, like a totem, a 180° projection transports us around the four corners of the world; from the desert to the jungle, going through the depths of caves, amongst the Dogon of West Africa, the Amazonian Achuar, the Australian Aboriginals, the Siberian Yukagir…

In a sensitive and immersive way, Landing questions our perceptions of the world and our gaze upon nature.

Produced in association with Nova Pista.

Sound creation and technical design : Thierry Bertomeu
Visual creation : Tristan Kebci
Scenography construction : David Ledorze

To be seen in the permanent exhibition Bio-inspired at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris.
Curating : Marie-Christine Hergault
Audiovisual project manager : Sabrina Massen