about us

Created in 2012, Escalenta develops and experiments with new forms of audiovisual writing and cinematographical narrations. Since its creation, Escalenta fully aimed at motion design, compositing of live action and animation, and all the audiovisual setups for exhibitions.

motion design

Directing of films, web series, sequences, trailers in motion design with a strong specialization in flat design and incrustation with tracking in a 3D environment.


Escalenta developped an innovative process of animated datavisualization. We can transform any data in any animation variable : size, height, movement, color, speed, music, etc. Give us an excel spreadsheet, we will make it into an animated visualization, with subpixel precision.


Production and coproduction of cinematographic and documentary creations.

Escalenta possess multiple shooting units (HD & Raw) and HD post-production.


Escalenta accompanies the creation of artworks or films about art with an artistic, logistical and technical support.


Conception et création de contenus audiovisuels pour des dispositifs immersifs, interactifs, multiécrans. Gestion logistique du multi-écran synchronisé.

Depuis 2014, Escalenta est associée avec le studio d’animation Manuel Cam.