Digital Rotorelief Display

( art / exhibition )

Location : Association Marcel Duchamp
Paris - France and International
Date : permanent since 2018
Job : conception, production, directing

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Digital exhibition device

In 1935, Marcel Duchamp creates the ” ROTORELIEFS “, a series of 6 optical disks printed on both sides.

By turning at 33 revolutions/minute, the Rotoreliefs bring forth the 3rd dimension.

Presented in 1935 at concours Lépine in Paris, Marcel Duchamp only sold one copy of his disks. A few years later, the Rotoreliefs became pieces avidly searched by collectors. In 2018, under the supervision of the Marcel Duchamp Association, Escalenta offers the digital version of the Rotoreliefs, giving the opportunity to see the 12 optical disks in motion.


Exhibited at New York, Rouen, Stuttgart, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney…

Exists in 4 programmable versions :

• 1 Digital Rotorelief Display with the 12 disks in succession.

• 2 DRD with the 6 disks in synchronised succession, recto and verso.

• 6 DRD with the 6 disks simultaneously, alternatively recto and verso.

• 12 DRD with the 12 disks simultaneously.

Digital version designed and conducted by Pascal Goblot.

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© Association Marcel Duchamp – ADAGP for the drawings of the Rotoreliefs.